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——Quidditch is stupid, John…but it wouldn’t harm that much if you keep wearing the uniform. 
——I’m sorry? 

——Quidditch is stupid, John…but it wouldn’t harm that much if you keep wearing the uniform. 

——I’m sorry? 

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This is just beautifully done, and it’s such a lovely idea that they coexist with human John and Sherlock. These paintings are absolutely beautiful.

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this is the single (okay maybe not the single) most beautiful thing i have ever seen.

It is definitely not the single most beautiful, but it is warm, I am very happy, thank you!:)

——The emotional communication is unnecessary and boring.I don’t know why people keeps doing that! It’s stupid. Um…the left,John.


——I said,it’s unnecessary and boring,John. ……The lips…

——Good night Sherlock

——Stupid! John! 

Good night kiss is boring,John

Good night kiss is boring,John

johnlock & HP   ing

johnlock & HP   ing

johnlock & HP   ing



Happy Valentine, Sherlock and John. 

「The World’s Greatest First Love」
 John / 
Ravenclaw  Sherlock

Okay, this is a fan comic about Sherlock and Watson in Harry Potter universe???  Anyway, I want to talk about the great use of paneling here to control pacing, as well as the clear relationships between each of the characters in each panel.  The great thing about fan comics is that often they’re trying to capture a specific mood or moment, and often do so through framing and pacing instead of complex backgrounds and language.

I especially love the flow of the first page.  Here’s the breakdown panel by panel:

1) Face shot of Watson: introducing main character

2) Sherlock and random chick in the foreground and Watson in the background.  Watson is in the same position, just smaller and to the right, so it’s easy to track the relationships between the 3 people.

3) Close-up of Watson’s eyes, with only border on the left, once again signifying the divide, but also the border-less right edge giving a sense of timeless space to the panel.

4) Close-up of what Watson’s looking at.  Nice touch of including the reaction — Sherlock’s head tilt

5) Pull out to the whole scene.

Also, let’s admire the panel framing!  On page 2 and page 3 there’s a panel where the characters aren’t just slightly jutting out of a panel, but SIGNIFICANTLY jutting out of the panel.  In the first case it really foregrounds Sherlock, and in the second case it really accents the moment of action (the panel almost serves as horizontal motion lines).

There’s also some great small panels that basically buy space for the reader to breathe and dwell on a moment.  The one on the last page is just gray with a… sweat drop? or a wordless bubble? in it, but it works really well to express Sherlock’s mood.

And if you scroll through the comic, you can tell the relationship between each character so clearly just by how they’re positioned in the frame and relative to each other.

WOW!!Thank you!:DDD